How should a kids helmet be worn?

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The children need to have access to a reliable helmet, but instruction on how to wear one properly is of much more significance.

The most of people have the misconception that it is simple to ensure youngsters always wear helmets, but they continue to get it wrong. Today, Kangxun Helmets offer parents the most advanced head protection for their children.

The vast majority of parents believe that if they ensured that their child wore a helmet whenever they rode a bike, then everything would be OK. This is apparently just partially accurate. Regardless of age, if bike helmets are worn incorrectly, they lose some of their protective effectiveness. In most cases, vendors would sell child helmets of a common size alongside minimal instructions on how to properly wear them. To protect their children, parents ought to be familiar with the proper way to don children’s helmets.
First, parents should secure a flexible tape measure around their child’s head (in the area between the eyebrows, which is 1 inch or 2.5 cm), measure the circumference of the head, and select an appropriate helmet for their child. By adhering to these three measures, you may ensure that your child always wears a helmet.

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Step 1: Put the bicycle helmet on correctly. This activity just takes five minutes and is really easy. When you buy, make sure to ask the salesman about how to adjust the strap. Observe what the seller is wearing as well as how the youngster appears afterward.

Step 2: Always ensure that the child’s head is covered by the helmet, and that it is worn horizontally so that it does not slant forward. The vast majority of people make the error of wearing their hair pulled tightly back behind their head, which exposes their forehead. If they were to accidentally strike their head on the handlebars, this would not protect the head in any way. The brim of the helmet need to extend one centimeter beyond the eyebrows. The low position helps protect the forehead from injuries caused by collision, provided that it does not hinder the line of sight.

Step 3: Verify that the strap may be tightened and then do so. Make sure that the children’s heads can turn and ask them to look up or down to monitor their breathing while you are helping them buckle their belts. A significant number of parents forget to buckle the adjustment belt. Maintain a space the width of a finger between the neck and the adjusting strap. If it is very loose, it may shift position when it is struck, putting the head at danger of injury.

In addition, we suggested that parents inspect the adjustment belts of their child’s helmet on a weekly basis for signs of running or distortion. Before you go on the horse, check the strap that adjusts the saddle. Avoid carelessness.

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